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Streaming Announcement

Posted by violetqueen - May 22nd, 2022

As you can tell, I have decided that fan-art is rarely going to happen regularly on my own time from now on.

For the past year I’ve been having many ideas for original characters, which include the cast of Snow is a Flowerbed, which are the oldest characters I’ve thought of back around late 10th or 11th grade (and specifically during a period where I had to make up online P.E. stuff lol). Specifically at the moment an undead pilot, a malevolent executable, an animatronic kangaroo, a solitary spirit, a technology mob, a DJ rat, a clown doctor, and a limb-extending cryptid. I want to bring these characters to life and build upon their designs, their personalities, their stories and world, etc. and share them with the internet.

HOWEVER, this does not mean I am done with fan content. Because I’ve been thinking about streaming! Playing games old and new, occasional “Just Chatting” stuff, and maybe even doing art stuff on stream. It’s really a conduit to post stuff for YouTube and to use my Twitch account that’s been collecting dust for nearly 7 years.

The plan I’ve thought of is to stream on Twitch and upload the VODs and make big highlight videos of complete series’ to YouTube (and Instagram IGTV if capable) with custom thumbnails composed of images from the game or 3D models if available, however I am curious as to other peoples’ input as to if I should actually stream on YouTube or even Trovo instead/for a short while first.

My original plan for my stream debut was to be around my birthday (May 22nd), but my family ended up having a surprise move and we’ll be traveling looking for a house that could take upwards of a year, but I want to try and stream in-between (hopefully without interruptions) if I can.

And once we actually settle into a house, I plan to stream at least once a week or stream everyday until a certain game is finished, with occasional breaks to work on original stuff and video editing if I need to.

Be on the lookout: https://www.twitch.tv/itsthevioletqueen



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